The most exciting part of the production is the test phase.

Here it will reveal how carefully the device has been designed and built.

If no problem occurs then you do not really need our assistance. This is a rare event.

However carefully the design was implemented, there will be some pitfalls:

  • part is not compatible with the applied soldering process
  • boards develop unwanted errors under first time power up
  • measured test parameters are out of tolerance

Depending on the capability of the manufacturer, doing the debug and tracing issue back to the root cause can be time consuming.

They do not necessary have the manpower and knowledge to do this.

Another problem source could be the test procedure itself.

Can contain unnecessary steps, tolerances could be too tight or wrongly determined.

Some test steps could be impossible to execute as the procedure was originally described.

Individually, they are minor problems, but added them together they become a serious issue.

We have all the necessary knowledge and experience to find out the root causes and perform fault finding at component level.

Your R&D and production engineers can keep their focus on the project itself without these distractions.

Our final report will include all our findings and possible changes in the processes.

We can perform the necessary changes if you wish.

The price of our job will cover all the same issues that may come up later in the agreed time frame.

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