Test hardware can be a simple cable or a fully automated pneumatic driven JIG.

We will find the most appropriate hardware for your product.

Test hardware should be as simple as possible, reliable and easy to maintenance.

The fancy test RIG can be eye-catching and some managers will consider it a suitable tool, but for the most part this is not the case.

In long term run maintenance can be overwhelming with cost being hard to estimable.

Common problems with test JIGs:

  • tester pins worn down
  • physically damaged tester pins
  • positioners are misaligned
  • hinges break or deform

Some of them are unavoidable - e.g. worn out tester pins - but they are calculable expenses.

Expense is not calculable when the JIG breaks down and production has to be stopped.

All our JIGs and test hardware are carefully designed and manufactured keeping all of these in mind.

During production, some new and unforeseen problems will occur, this is hard to avoid.

That is why we provide active assistance at the start of the project.

If and when the product will be updated or the test requirements has changed the test hardware needs to update as well.

The price of our hardware includes up to 2 main updates in the agreed time frame.

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