Development support

The project development stage is the best place to define test strategies.

The time and effort invested in will pay off in the later stages of production.

If you look back at an old project and final cost analysis the production cost is probably more than initially calculated.

This happens almost all the time.

R&D engineers are forced to do their work along the preliminary plans and agreements.

If the production test requirements are already part of these plans they will be implemented seamlessly.

One of the main benefit of our involvement in the development phase is that these requirements will be clearly and carefully defined.

Advantages of our involvements are:

  • accelerating development
  • saving time and money on designing test platform
  • saving engineering time on creating test procedures
  • getting production ready test solutions
  • having proper cost analysis

All together, the above minimizes hidden costs, or at least makes them a little more predictable.

Our involvement in the early development phase is more beneficial than you might think.

We offer several options depending on your requirement from simple task to the whole project.

Our offer will include all the necessary costs plus the time we think we can get the job done.

You will be able to calculate with both time and cost.

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