New Product Introduction is always stressful.

Save time and money and let us help to create test documentation.

There is so much to think about when a new product is born.

  • The managers are interested in cost, time and profit.
  • The R&D engineers are interested in tinkering and programming.
  • The production engineers are turning the plan to production.
  • The quality department prepares the policies.

And everyone is trying to save money and cutting cost.

The production test is one of the place where most expenses could be saved.

But usually this is not happening.

How does almost everyone do this?

Do only the bare minimum, make as little effort as possible to prepare, design, and build proper test equipment:

  • in most cases no test JIG built
  • test procedure is sketchy
  • inadequate test software
  • not fully checked parameters
  • missing or unnecessary test steps
  • incomplete result documentation

And when production begins, all of these missing pieces will cause problems.

  • engineer requires to build extra cables and some kind of JIG
  • R&D department forced to spend time to explain how the test need to carry out
  • R&D engineers need to refine parameters
  • production engineers required to rewrite test procedure

All of these problems generate expenditures. Unpredictable expenses.

Incalculable expenditures can jeopardise the whole project expense/profit rate.

How can we help solve these problems?

We will first review your needs and make a preliminary quote.

When all the small pieces have been negotiated we will make a final quote.

You will have an exact number to do calculation and make expenditure plan.

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