Why are we different?

Development support

We are all engineers.

We love working with soldering iron and screwdriver.

We have more than 30 years experience in this industry.

I was only eight years old when i repaired my first faulty radio. I have been obsessed with electronics ever since.

To imagine electrons rushing here and there and the seemingly lifeless electronics becomes alive is always fascinated me.

Well, this was more than 40 years ago.

Now the time has come to became a founder of the company.

A company dedicated to the electronics.

Supporting fellow engineers in this ever changing industry.

For us every contract is the CONTRACT we need to fulfill as best as we can.

We always focus on the problem to be solved rather than the business side.

Because we love what we are doing.

Using our services may surprise you with the unique way we work.

We offer our knowledge and experience. How you exploit it is up to you.

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Theta Test Systems Ltd.

BM Centre
11. St. Martins Close
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